Here are some things I personally love and use in my everyday life. These products, brands, and holistic alternatives opened my eyes to living a healthier lifestyle.

Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, where I may earn a small commission if that item is bought. I stand behind every product I recommend.


Kara Stavish | Founder


Changing the way I ate was the first step to my healthy healing journey. Now, my lifestyle is centered around making food the foundation of my wellness. Here are some of the nutritious rich foods that I love to include in my diet.


I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals when I was struggling with my condition. I used supplements to replace what I was lacking and it significantly helped my overall health. Here is a list of my favorite supplements.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies make my life so much easier. Since food is crucial to my health, having the best kitchen supplies available is very important. Here are the kitchen supplies that I can’t live without.

Food Replacements

I wasn’t always knowledgeable about the toxins in our foods. As I progressed on my health journey, I learned that not all food is beneficial for my body. The process of finding food replacements was difficult but very rewarding. Here are some of my favorite food replacements.

Natural Healing & Essential Oils 

I believe in holistic alternatives wholeheartedly and found relief in using these methods to replace conventional medicine. When I took this route on my health journey, I realized these alternatives are vital for my well-being. Here are my favorite alternatives that I continue to implement in my life.

Skincare & Personal Care

I never understood that what I put on my skin directly affects the inside of my body. Learning this opened my eyes to how important it is to use toxin-free products. Here are my favorite healthy beauty options.

Healthy Resources 

Gaining my knowledge about living a healthier lifestyle is still continuing. Resources are so important to my for growth and development. Here are some of the best resources that I found to be helpful.

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