Types and Traits of an Empath

Types and Traits of an Empath

Are more people relating to being an empath? Why are we all becoming more empathic? People are becoming more aware and conscientious. Creating an environment for many of us to have a better sense of what others are feeling.

An empath not only has an enormous amount of sympathy and consideration for others, but they also take on other people’s emotions and energy. Highly sensitive people can feel overwhelmed by electronics, light, sound, or anything that can affect their senses, while empaths have a unique capacity to relate to other’s physical, emotional, or spiritual being.

There are different types of empaths. Each relating in a special way to people, animals, or nature. But each type of empath has a strong connection to their intuition. You may identify with one or more types of empaths. However, you may have characteristics of the different types. 

Types of Empaths

Physical Empaths

This type of empath can feel other people’s sickness or illness. For instance, they may be able to feel someone else’s headache or physical injury.

Emotional Empaths

These empaths have a special connection to other people’s emotions and feelings. For example, they may sense the unexpressed emotions of others. Also, they can feel distress, anger, or sadness from others in their own being.

Spiritual Empaths

Spiritual empaths have a unique connection to the spirit world. Specifically, this can involve mediumship, being able to see or hear spirits.

Fauna Empaths

Fauna empaths can physically and emotionally connect to animals. Particularly, they can hear or feel messages by interacting with animals.

Flora Empaths

These empaths connect to plants. They have an intuitive sense of what plants need. For example, they may hear guidance from plants or trees.

Geomantic Empaths

Geomantic empaths have a deep connection to mother nature and certain physical landscapes. In particular, they may be drawn to a certain environment or history of a place. These types of empaths usually recharge through mother nature.

Telepathic Empaths

Telepathic empaths can read someone’s mind. In particular, they are highly tuned in to those who surround them and read energy very easily.

Precognitive Empaths

This type of empath has the capacity to see into the future. For example, these empaths may have a strong vision or dream of future events.

Signs your an Empath

  • Overwhelmed by crowds
  • Avoiding the news
  • Knowing when people are dishonest
  • Giving to others before yourself
  • Sudden feelings of illness
  • Needing time alone
  • Hesitation around close relationships
  • Reenergized through nature
  • Having a sense of knowing
  • Asking lots of questions


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