The Best Crystals For Anxiety

The Best Crystals For Anxiety


Anxiety can be debilitating physically and crush your spirit. Crystals are a great holistic approach to treating anxiety. They can help you connect to your physical body and spirit to help reduce stress. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 18% of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. If your looking for an alternative method to reduce stress, crystals can be worn in jewelry or placed directly on your body. 

Crystals For Anxiety


Amethyst is a common crystal that is used for treating anxiety. It is spiritually powerful. Amethyst is a good crystal to choose for addressing any anxiety in the body because of its healing properties. Especially if you have anxiety associated with sleep disorders, amethyst is a great stone to keep under your pillow. Also, it may be helpful to anxiety related to emotional imbalance.

For instance, if your experiencing stress due to anger, fear, or sadness, this crystal will help to calm and focus your mind.  It can reduce headaches and release tension.  It serves as a tranquilizer so it can reduce environmental stress. Amethyst is a wonderful choice to enhance a peaceful state of being and to increase your vibration spiritually.

Iron Pyrite

Iron pyrite, known as fool’s gold, is a positive crystal that helps with anxiety. It shields your energy and protects you from negativity. It helps with stress associated with fatigue and will increase your energy. Iron Pyrite will remove any anxiety associated with mental frustration. Specifically, it will boost self-confidence.

Like amethyst, it can be used under your pillow to balance any anxiety due to sleep. It will promote your perfect and ideal health. It is a fast acting crystal the will lead you to any root causes of imbalances in your energy or aura. Iron Pyrite is a great choice if you need to feel safe from harm or danger. Its healing properties include strengthening the digestive system, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz, also known as angel hair, gets its name because of the little hairs that uniquely appear in each stone. This crystal reduces anxiety related to fear or phobia. Since rutilated quartz cleanses and energizes your energy, it is a great stone to use for depression.

It will support you when dealing with negative energy during emotional release. Especially, if you need to let go of the past. It will help to release any limitations you feel due to anxiety by drawing off negative energy. Rutilated quartz will also help to eliminate any barriers in spiritual growth. It will open your aura for healing. It is best used for chronic illness because it promotes vitality. For instance, it can help with infertility, fatigue, and thyroid disease. - Answer The Call


Apophyllite is a great crystal to reduce worry. It elevates stress by clearing mental blocks and enhancing introspection. This crystal is a good choice if you need something to help you to release negative thought patterns. It will enhance the state of relaxation and receptiveness for healing.

It will also help you to release any suppressed emotions to overcome anxiety. Apophyllite will aid in balancing the connection between your spirit and your physical body. Making it useful to not only heal conditions, like asthma, allergies, or eye strain but making it easier for spiritual alignment. Apophyllite will help ground and calm you spiritually. It transmits universal energy, so, it can make you feel less anxious by addressing any blocks in you may have in your heart.


A crystal that helps to ground and calm your energy. Hematite can be useful for anxiety that is caused by basic survival. It will help you to sort of any problems by stimulating concentration and focus. Hematite will help you feel more positive by eliminating any over-analyzation.

It can also be used for spiritual protection. Hematite will dissolve negativity and prevent it from entering your aura. It removes anxiety when associated with low self-esteem, compulsiveness, and lack of willpower. Besides treating anxiety, hematite can also be helpful in treating circulatory issues, insomnia, and leg cramps.

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