How To Heal the Sacral Chakra And Why You Need To

How To Heal the Sacral Chakra And Why You Need To

Of the seven main chakras that make up the chakra body, the sacral is placed second from the bottom.

Situated just below the navel or belly button, this glowing orange energy center is the source of creative energy, sensory pleasure, and sexual power. Yet it’s also the root of much separation and disembodiment in our world today – for many people, their sacral chakra is way out of balance.

If you stop and think about it, this comes as no real surprise.

Signs of an Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

Most people are more separated from their physical senses than ever before. Receiving much of our stimulation through screens – whether that’s connecting with friends via text message, following our favorite shows on Netflix, or of course, whiling away the hours on the internet, it’s rare that the whole of the body gets to truly experience life. This means that genuine, embodied pleasure is out of the daily reach for a lot of folks.

Think about our society’s perception of sexuality too. Surrounded in shame and repressed trauma, a lot of women separated from their true sexuality many moons ago, out of a sense of self-preservation. And all the while, the youth are becoming sexualized at a much younger age than ever before.

Other signs of a sacral chakra that is out of balance include Addictions, being emotionally needy (or at the other end of the spectrum, emotionally detached), needing drama and attention, as well as suffering from lower back pain, and or/ sexual dysfunction and reproductive issues.

Many of these problems seem to be hallmarks of our modern age. And with our daily lives exacerbating them – think of what keeps us glued to our phones, and how many of us have sitting-down-office jobs that put pressure on the lower back, and keep us hunched over – sacral chakra issues aren’t going away any time soon.

But there’s a lot we can do as individuals to heal this sacred energy center. And not just because it’ll improve our own lives, but because the health of the collective will truly benefit from the work we each do. It’s true – because a large part of Chakra healing is working on the energetic planes of existence, the changes we make ripple out into our energy fields and serve to impact those around us.

What it Looks Like When Your Sacral Chakra is Balanced and Healthy

A truly healthy sacral chakra may be something that few of us have experienced. Yet this is slowly changing, as people come back to their personal power.

You’ll know when the second chakra is functioning optimally when you feel open to your sensuality and invigorated by the world. Being in a state of creative flow is also a sign, as is feeling a state of joy. As is an emotional connection, ease with sexual connection and intimacy with others.

Another sign that your sacral is balanced, is being able to deal with change. This chakra also informs our flexibility and adaptability, so seeing opportunities to expand and thrive in uncertain circumstances can show that it’s strong.

How to Balance, Heal and Strengthen the Sacral Chakra

SO how do we get to this place?

It’s important to realize that chakra healing is an ongoing process – you don’t do the work one day and then forget about it! So cultivating a relationship with the sacral chakra, that deepens over time will truly serve you. Here are 10 simple methods. Pick out a couple that calls to you, and see if you can incorporate them into a routine you already have.

1. Create

It doesn’t really matter what you do. It’s creativity that does – so let yourself loose.

Sign up for an evening class in an art form you’ve always wanted to learn – from pottery to life drawing to creative writing. Or get your paints or your sewing machine out, or simply commit to whipping up a brand new recipe once a week.

2. Dive into your Emotions

How are you feeling? Now, how are you really feeling? Even if it’s a little uncomfortable (facing the truth of our emotional state, when it’s less than ideal can be a confronting experience) dive in.

Allow yourself just 10 minutes a day to feel without judgment, or trying to fix anything.

3. Stand up straight

How much time do you spend hunched over a desk, or looking down into your phone?

Each time we hold ourselves like this, we’re literally crushing the life force that emanates from the sacral chakra. So make a conscious effort to straighten up, and take some deep, belly-filling breaths.

4. Get Sensual

Practice indulging your senses.

Go find yourself a bank of roses and breathe in their heady scent. Or put on your best silk underwear and really enjoy the way it feels against your skin. Visit a local gallery and admire some art. Or buy a punnet of juicy strawberries and eat the lot, undistracted!

These are just a few examples. How can you spark your own sensuality?

5. Sexual Healing

Many of us have unhealthy attitudes to sex and sexuality, that we’ve probably picked up without even realizing it. And these affect the functioning of our sacral chakra.

Start by writing down a list of your attitudes and beliefs around sex and sexuality. Be totally honest with yourself, no-one needs to see this. Then see if you can figure out where they came from. This is the first step in distancing yourself from any beliefs you don’t wish to identify with. What do you want to call in instead?

If you’ve experienced any form of sexual trauma, your sacral won’t fully heal until you do. Which means dealing with it is an absolute must. Work with a trusted friend or therapist.

6. Notice Your Addictions

These needn’t be huge life-altering addictions. In fact, the little things can be the true spanner in the works for sacral chakra healing.

Notice when you reach for your phone / the biscuit tin / that glass of wine (insert your own vice here!) The point is not to judge or berate yourself, but to notice the trigger. What were you thinking or doing at that moment, that made you want to escape? Why?

7. Eat Orange

Eating food that mirrors the color of the second chakra is a great way to strengthen it. Literally ingesting the vibration of the color can be extraordinarily empowering. Try fresh peaches, oranges, or sweet potatoes.

Click here for more information on how to eat for the sacral chakra.

8. Wear Orange

Similarly to food, wearing orange clothes or jewelry can also serve to rebalance the second chakra. If orange isn’t your color, then visualizing yourself being wrapped in orange light will also do the trick.

9. Use Affirmations

If you’re an affirmation aficionado, then this is a great way to work on the sacral chakra. Write your own, and repeat it throughout the day. Or use these as inspiration:

“It is safe for me to feel my emotions fully”.
“I am a strong, creative, and sexually powerful person”.
“My creativity is an unending well of power. Nothing anybody says or does will stop my creative flow”.

10.  Use Crystals

The innate wisdom and healing power of crystals can really help balance any chakras, but there are so many that seem to resonate with the sacral chakra.

As a general rule, any orange crystal will help. Try any of the following:

  • Citrine
  • Tigers Eye
  • Jasper
  • Orange Calcite
  • Sunstone

Sit in meditation with your crystal, wear it as jewelry or place it on an altar. Its healing vibrations will find its way to you.

Do you have experiences to share in sacral chakra healing? Leave a reply below!

Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a UK-based writer and ritualist. She is an initiate into an ancient European lineage of Shamanism, whose practices engage deeply with the Spirit of the honeybee as a living symbol and ally. The central belief (and living embodiment) is in the womb as first-brain and the axis of feminine wisdom and power. Alongside this work, she is a long-time moon maven and has been apprenticing in the rhythms and Mysteries of la Luna for over 10 years.

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