Find Out How Your Intuition Communicates With You

Find Out How Your Intuition Communicates With You


Intuitive sense exists within all of us. Your intuition may come to you in a variety of ways. Building your intuition is a process that can seem daunting. However, intuition is a unique aspect of everyone. So, there is no right or wrong way to build this sense.

Some may think that intuition has to be a loud voice within yourself that guides you one way or another. But, the more you grow your sense of intuition the more you may realize that it is often a soft and slight nudge in a certain direction. Although, there may be times that your intuitive sense is loud and clear. There may be other times that it is not so distinct. Getting in touch with your intuition will really depend on listening to the way your body is trying to communicate with you.

A certain amount of inner-knowing comes from faith or a connection to your higher self. Your soul is limitless and boundless. Because your soul is infinite, connecting with your intuition is not only about how you relate to yourself. It involves your connection to a higher source. In order for you to be in touch with your own intuition, you must first examine the unlimited potential of your soul.

A good way of forming awareness of your intuition is developing a relationship with a higher power. No matter what your beliefs are-intuition is built with spirit out of intentions that are authentic and untainted. Your own inner voice will always want the best for you. It like the higher source will never lead you astray. Because the higher power is benevolent, a relationship to your higher purpose is important to your intuition. The more you connect with your higher power, the more your intuition will strengthen and drive you in the right direction. - Find A New Film or Documentary

Different Types of Intuitiveness

Everyone has the ability to form their intuition and build it so that it can lead you to live your best life. Your body might respond to different ways of getting in touch with your intuition. As you learn more about developing your inner voice, you may notice within how your body is communicating with you. It can help to be aware of the different ways that your body may communicate through intuition. You don’t need to be special to get messages from your inner voice. Developing a way to connect to your intuition may be helpful to you growing on your path.


Clairvoyance is the most common form of intuitive sense. It’s the ability to see through a clear vision. Often associated with the third eye, it doesn’t have to be visions in an actual sense. Instead, it is seeing beyond the normal five senses and perception through intuitive vision.


The ability to intuitively sense things through hearing. Being sensitive to sound or having a sense of knowing through auditory capability. If you are clairaudient, you will value silence and quiet. It will be brief guidance through spirit and sound.


Claircognizance is sensing things that you know without logical reasoning or fact. Having a sense of things that are right or wrong without any obvious form of reasoning. Just knowing from a deeper sense of inner perception. They are fast sudden thoughts that may seem like “aha” moments.


It the intuitive sense of feeling things. Like empaths, its the intuitive nature of feeling. It’s the ability to feel others emotions and being sensitive to others moods. It will be subtly picking up on non-physical things in a place or around people.

Feeling Good with Your Intuition

You are a valued soul with endless potential. Regardless of your situation or position in life, others recognize your worth and possibilities. Spirit, also, acknowledges your greatness. It may not be clear to you all the time, but the more you build your own intuition the easier it will be for you to honor this relationship between spirit and self.

In spite of any turmoil that you are experiencing, know that you are always whole. You are always part of the collective because we are all connected. There is always understanding and empathizing energy available to you. There is no shame where you stand as an individual, so never give up on yourself. Have patience with yourself so that you can build your inner voice.

Ultimately, feeling good with your intuition comes from your inner voice and your ability to understand universally. Since we are all connected and part of the collective, certain universal laws are always in place. It’s important to give to yourself in order to really be able to give to others. It’s important to receive unconditionally for yourself, to receive unconditionally for others.  Knowing or finding your place individually within the collective will help you to find and grow your intuition.

Understanding Your Intuition

It can be difficult to always find that inner voice and listen to it. There are many things that cloud our sense of inner knowing. It’s completely normal to have doubt and uncertainty. In fact, those things are important to listen to within yourself. Even fear within yourself can be constructive.

Sometimes you have to find out what you not, to understand what you are. Understanding and paying attention to your intuition can help you develop your character and authentic self. Doing meditations to open your third eye is very helpful to get in touch with your intuition.

Visualization & Mediation

Try this visualization, to feel safe when you are ready to understand your inner voice. Visualize yourself in a circle with mirrors surrounding you facing outward. This will create a space of peace to protect yourself from negative energy while you’re aiming to understand your intuition. You may also ask spirit to help with this boundary while you live everyday life.

You can also use this meditation to help strengthen your intuition.

Settling into Your Intuition

Opening yourself up to embracing your intuition is a special step to growing in spirituality. Whether you are just starting or have developed your spiritual gifts already, settling into your intuition has many rewards. Growing faith in yourself and your connection to spirit will help to make you fulfilled in all parts of life.

It’s most important to always follow your own inner voice. In our culture of labels and categorizations, you can always fall back on your own intuition. Learn to listen to your intuition to increase your awareness and discernment. The more you put effort into increasing this part of your inner self, the more that you will become confident in your own inner knowing.


In the search to find answers to some of the bigger questions in life, I began to focus on myself to grow and better serve the collective. I am passionate about individualism and freedom of expression with a focus on spirituality. I was raised Catholic and grew to appreciate religion in a traditional sense. But I began to expand my spirituality to include other universal beliefs. I believe that we all can grow in a community of non-judgment and open understanding.

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