Anxiety can be debilitating physically and crush your spirit. Crystals are a great holistic approach to treating anxiety.

Intuitive sense exists within all of us. Your intuition may come to you in a variety of ways.

Balancing and opening the seven main chakras is important to improving your energy. Essential oils are a great tool to help you balance your chakras.

A strong-minded Taurus will have a birthday between (April 20 to May 20). This zodiac sign is represented by the bull, so you can guess that Taurus people are very strong.

Overcoming obstacles and healing wounds for any woman can be difficult. Oftentimes, celebrating our divine femininity can get lost in social stereotypes and double standards of our culture.

Mercury retrograde, in November 2018, may be especially difficult for those who aren’t fixed signs.

The new moon in Scorpio on November 7th will bring in an intense, deep energy. Scorpio, the fixed water sign, is all about those dark emotional feelings.

There is a connection between your emotions and stepping into a higher vibration.

The Taurus full moon energy is surrounded by stability, commitment, and practicality. With Taurus being ruled by Venus, it can be loving and kind zodiac sign. Releasing any sense of control can really work in your favor.

Balancing Your Chakras With Food is so important to a healthy well-being because there is a direct link to your energy centers- chakras.

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