Boundaries for energetic balance is a goal of many who are spiritual. Spirituality is not about being positive all the time-in fact some of the strongest spiritual people are brave enough to confront things in themselves that are very difficult. To grow and evolve we must learn ourselves and our boundaries. Knowledge of self is […]

You’ll know when the second chakra is functioning optimally when you feel open to your sensuality and invigorated by the world

Listening to the universe and picking up its signs is possible for anyone. Quieting oneself to something more than the ego can open spiritual doors of opportunity.

Are more people relating to being an empath? Why are we all becoming more empathic?

To open and balance the heart chakra, it’s not necessarily about focusing on who or what you love but instead examining how you love.

The root chakra is important to keep balanced because it provides the foundation on which we build our lives. It helps us feel safe, secure, and grounded with the earth.

Anxiety can be debilitating physically and crush your spirit. Crystals are a great holistic approach to treating anxiety.

Intuitive sense exists within all of us. Your intuition may come to you in a variety of ways.

Balancing and opening the seven main chakras is important to improving your energy. Essential oils are a great tool to help you balance your chakras.

A strong-minded Taurus will have a birthday between (April 20 to May 20). This zodiac sign is represented by the bull, so you can guess that Taurus people are very strong.