How To Truly Shine As An Individual

How To Truly Shine As An Individual

We have all noticed that one person in a group with so much confidence and charisma that when they walk into a room they demand other people attention.  How could we not pay attention when all eyes are on them? They seem to be excelling in whatever they do and always giving their best. Whether in your work environment or social scene, it’s undeniable that these strong individuals brilliantly shine.

We can all take a page from their book and up our individual game to shine in our own way. There is no limit to the available potential of the universe. One person’s shine shouldn’t take away from the next. Often times, it’s our own insecurities that really prevent us from truly succeeding., but self-confidence can always grow and develop.


1.  Embracing your own Insecurities

Taking personal responsibility for who we sincerely are in all aspects and capacities is one key to shining as an individual. Embracing one’s own flaws and making them work for you instead of against you shows great strength. People will start to notice your true character and success will follow. When you do the work internally and examine your own vulnerabilities, there is no longer the need to reflect any lack of others. In turn, you can have that same undeniable shine.

2.  Removing Labels

As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.  Steer clear of labeling yourself and others to up your personal game. Open-mindedness nurtures the individuals’ spirit. The best way to gain confidence and self-love is to give up on judging others. Remove all forms of negative self-talk. Stay practical, flexible, and open-minded in everyday situations. If you’re trying to impress your boss or date, this type of open-mindedness will be magnetic.  Focusing on yourself will ultimately bring you the opportunities you’ll need.

3.  Keeping the Faith

Since our society can be full of judgments, it becomes difficult to always keep an open mind. Once you find the inner strength to embrace your own flaws, it becomes easier to deal with all of these experiences. Realize that others are not hung up on your imperfections. It’s not the cards that you are dealt but how you play your hand that really matters. Don’t ever settle for anything less than you know you deserve.

4.  Finding Personal Peace

People with this undeniable shine have an inner peace from forming this type of self-love. Building a solid character like this will help you excel in every arena of life. Finding total peace within yourself is cultivated through the ability to find such an open-mindedness. By embracing your own imperfections, you can achieve genuine personal confidence and healthy inner balance.

5. Open-Mindedness

By removing the need to label and analyze every circumstance, you can develop a form of open-mindedness that leads to healthy well-being. Often times we all can place judgment on things prematurely because everyone deals with collective stereotypes and assumptions. Open-mindedness can only properly develop when the individual accepts that all people want the same things. It is essential for healthy well-being to keep an open mind about yourself and others to truly shine. - Find A New Film or Documentary



In the search to find answers to some of the bigger questions in life, I began to focus on myself to grow and better serve the collective. I am passionate about individualism and freedom of expression with a focus on spirituality. I was raised Catholic and grew to appreciate religion in a traditional sense. But I began to expand my spirituality to include other universal beliefs. I believe that we all can grow in a community of non-judgment and open understanding.

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