How To Move Forward From Self-Sabotage

How To Move Forward From Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is one way that keeps us from truly excelling in life. In this blog, we will review how to move forward from self-sabotage. Sabotaging yourself can manifest in many ways. For example, it usually involves holding on to fears or insecurities. Consequently, it is a way that people hold themselves back that restricts personal growth.

Falling into self-sabotage happens to us all at one point or another in life. It can leave you feeling stuck like you can’t move forward, but with the right effort, you can progress. So, remember that you aren’t permanently stuck in this cycle.

Self-deceit is an important aspect to consider when sabotaging oneself. Self-deceit involves holding onto emotions or thoughts about yourself that aren’t true. Usually, these are negative beliefs that could be part of your conditioning from all the things we experience throughout life. The key to overcoming self-deceit is embracing the fact that these beliefs are false and not a true reflection of yourself.

Believe In Yourself

Believing in yourself is crucial to moving forward on a healthy path. We are all a work in progress, so, don’t be hard on yourself. Practice giving yourself compassion and understanding through self-care. Self-care is dependent on you as an individual but involves anything that is healthy to your well-being. Try doing one healthy thing that makes you feel good per day and then recognize how that made you feel in your personal power.

You can start with simple affirmations in the mirror as part of your self-care routine.  These will help you believe in yourself. Keep in mind this is not an exercise to boost your ego, but to address any internal patterns of self-sabotage. Affirmations are statements to yourself that aim to build or recondition anything within. For instance, you can try affirmations like “I am strong” and “I am confident”.

Below is an excellent video to get started building self-belief with affirmations:

Stop Any Self-Denial

Self-denial and self-deceit go hand in hand. As we discussed above, self-deceit can stem from the conditioning we learn throughout our lives. It is a normal response to deny certain feelings in difficult situations, because human nature calls for us to protect ourselves. However, being aware of self-denial will allow you to have a healthier process moving forward.

Practicing mindfulness will help you to be aware of your thoughts in each moment. Mindfulness is a conscience choice to focus on your thoughts acknowledging them without judgement and accepting them fully in the present. It has many benefits, including helping to deal with self-denial and self-deceit.

Moving on from self-sabotaging behaviors can be complicated. It will require a lot of effort to address any internal issues that may arise with in you. To progress forward in a healthy way, you will need to address the conditioning of your mindset. This is a process within itself, but implementing mindfulness will help to heal.

From my experience with healing, it can be really beneficial to start with a mediation that aims to remove subconscious negativity. Check out the video below to begin:


You must be in a place of self-acceptance to move on from self-sabotaging behaviors. Forming a space of personal peace within is the key to self-acceptance. This can be achieved by strengthening the qualities that we discussed above. Affirmations, mindfulness, and breaking through conditioning with meditation will prove helpful to developing personal peace.

Also, remember to take time out for self-care. Learning to put yourself first, is essential to overcoming self-sabotage. We have all been in a place that wasn’t ideal for our growth. The more you invest unconditional love in yourself, the easier it will be moving away from self-sabotage.

Check out this binaural beat for self-acceptance is excellent for boosting positive energy:


Establishing a healthy path forward from self-sabotage, involves believing and accepting yourself while stopping all forms of self-deceit. Address issues of self-confidence and fear with mindfulness and self-care. Meditation is a great practice to break away from any self-sabotage behaviors. Personal growth is dependent on accountability and honest introspection to change the mind’s conditioning. By investing in yourself fully, it is possible to move forward from self-sabotage.


In the search to find answers to some of the bigger questions in life, I began to focus on myself to grow and better serve the collective. I am passionate about individualism and freedom of expression with a focus on spirituality. I was raised Catholic and grew to appreciate religion in a traditional sense. But I began to expand my spirituality to include other universal beliefs. I believe that we all can grow in a community of non-judgment and open understanding.

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