How To Deal With Toxic People

How To Deal With Toxic People

Toxic people are something we all have to deal with in our everyday life. Unfortunately, these toxic people can be in your family, at your job, in your community, or in your circle of friends. You may not be able to completely avoid interactions with these people, but you can protect yourself from involvement with their toxic energy and behavior.

Firstly, we must look closer at what makes a person toxic. An unhealthy individual is often based in an energy of denial or victimization. They will aim to put others down through false intentions and confusion. People with toxic energy refuse to stand in their own power because they want to avoid accountability.

Since toxic people are stuck in their own egos, oftentimes self-centered and narcissistic, they can’t see the bigger picture. Perhaps that’s why they focus on making others feel small. This is not about placing judgment on people in toxic energy. Instead, the focus is on protecting your own personal energy field from any feelings or interaction that may cause you distress.

Staying Grounded

Dealing with toxicity is inevitably frustrating to those of us that want to move forward in a healthy energy. Because interactions with toxic people can cause us to feel thrown off, it is very important to maintain your sense of calm and peace. When having to deal with toxic people, it can help to stay centered in your own energy.

You don’t have to be an expert in spirituality or esoteric practices to benefit from grounding. The process is quite simple and can be easily accomplished. Take some time throughout your day, or when you feel a little off, to practice grounding. To do this just picture a cord attached from your feet or base of spine that travels all the way down through the earth to its core. Then concentrate on inhaling the positivity or harmony of the earth and exhaling all negative feelings.

They’re also other grounding practices that can be helpful like yoga. Below is a good example.

Hold Your Personal Power

Don’t expect understanding or harmony from toxic people. If someone is lost in a toxic energy, they are not capable of a balanced interaction. In fact, they will more than often strive to keep you stuck in a cycle of negativity. Keep in mind that we all go through the same things in everyday life, so remember not to be hard on yourself if your struggling through negative energy.

When dealing with toxic people, it is important to embrace your personal strength. From my experience dealing with toxic people they will try to take away the power of your voice by making you feel small. They will resort to talking behind your back, spreading falsehoods, hate, and attempting to influence others by ruining your reputation. The more you practice staying grounded, the easier it will become to stand in your own personal power.

Emotionally Disconnect from Toxic People

Don’t feel guilty for disconnecting from those who you feel are unhealthy. Not investing emotionally in toxic people is a good way of coping with difficulty. Leave your feelings out of your interactions because they will look for ways to attach their agendas to your own emotions.

Remember if you give someone a chance to express themselves freely and they choose not to embrace the opportunity in a healthy way, then that person is taking your worth for granted. You don’t deserve someone that doesn’t respect the open forum into your life. It is perfectly healthy to emotionally disconnect by keeping your guard up and reinforcing your own personal boundaries.

Healthy Communication

Instead of investing time and energy in those who are unhealthy trying to get them to understand your feelings, focus on reinforcing your boundaries.

If you have no choice in dealing with a toxic co-worker or family member there is an easy way of healthy communicating. For example, if a co-worker has taken credit for your idea. Firstly, state your issue without emotional attachment and then state a consequence of their actions.

Your statement may go something like this, “I contributed a lot to that creative idea, if I don’t get credit for my work it will be harder to feel like a productive team in the future.” This creates a dialogue that supports your personal boundaries by holding the co-worker responsible for their actions without attaching your feelings to the situation.

If you have a family or partner that is continually putting you down, your statement may go something like this, ” I value myself and if you don’t see the value in me we can no longer have a relationship”. Again, this statement shows that you are emotionally disconnecting from that individual and reinforcing a consequence of their unhealthy behavior.

Protect Your Own Energy from Toxic People

Show the same compassion and caring you have for others to yourself. The same consideration and understating that you are willing to give to those who are toxic can be redirected to self. This is a easy and beneficial way to strengthen your own energy field. By recognizing that you were willing to give a toxic person compassion, even though they can’t engage in a healthy way, you create room in your own energy field to grow from self-love.

Another method of protecting and clearing toxic energy is using sage to cleanse yourself, as well as, your environment. You may want to ground your energy with the practice stated above before using sage. If your clearing a room , make sure to open any windows or doors to create ventilation. Then it’s important to clearly state your intentions. For more on how to use sage check out this video.

To further protect your own energy, try this guided mediation to repair your aura.


We all find it difficult to deal with toxic people. Have patience with yourself when navigating through negative energy. Remember that not investing emotionally is a great way to reinforce personal boundaries. Try to communicate effectively by expressing yourself within these boundaries. Embrace self love to create strength and growth in your personal power. Finally, take steps to protect your energy from further negativity.


In the search to find answers to some of the bigger questions in life, I began to focus on myself to grow and better serve the collective. I am passionate about individualism and freedom of expression with a focus on spirituality. I was raised Catholic and grew to appreciate religion in a traditional sense. But I began to expand my spirituality to include other universal beliefs. I believe that we all can grow in a community of non-judgment and open understanding.

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