Embracing your Authentic Feminine Nature

Embracing your Authentic Feminine Nature

If you like me embracing your authentic feminine nature can be very frustrating. It can feel very discouraging, due to the lack of harmony among females. I think we can all do better for future generations. I try my best to avoid judgment and keep focused on what is important.

However, the lack of unity between women is a real concern for our society. I’m wanting to create a platform for women that focuses on fairness and unity. A community for all females to feel less judged and free to be themselves. A safe space for us to let go of any frustrations knowing that others can relate in the absence of an over exaggeration.

As women, we know that it can be difficult in our culture full of stereotypes. It is up to us to fully embrace the feminine nature that enables us to stand strong and free. Instead, of breaking other women down consider building them up. Being able to relate to other women without the idea of being disregarded is the ideal concept for this platform.

If you think about it, a feminine nature is true to nurturing not only herself but also others. Recognizing that other women are on their own journey to learning and growing, is helpful in retaining your own strength. Our authentic feminine natures will only truly shine when this becomes commonplace in each of our lives.

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Examining the Issues

I’m not certain whether the answer to finding true empowerment lies in less superficiality or more authenticity. But, it is clear that there is a definite imbalance. As a woman who likes learning and values the ability to grow, this imbalance creates an environment that is not conducive to either. What I can tell you is that there is a certain lack of consideration for others that seems to have a hold on us. It’s far from empowering and involves a form of the nativity.

An unawareness of what is becoming of a female. The issue is that it makes it difficult to grow.  It can be difficult to develop from this stereotypical energy in our communities. Hopefully, by relating on a healthier scale to other women, we can move past any issues of inauthenticity and unawareness.

We get caught up in the idea of competition. Since competing is so prevalent in our culture. It can be difficult to navigate individually down our own paths. But once you leave behind the notion of always comparing yourself to everyone else, it becomes easier to embrace your own personal power. It’s not about fault or blame. If we want to fully be empowered by our feminine natures, we have to release any form of victim mentality.

Letting go of any form of feeling like a victim will allow us to advance in our culture. As women, it is especially important.  Because we can get lost in the constant barrage of needed to prove ourselves. Letting go of any energy that fails to empower us as women is the key to embracing our femininity. Once you step away from this type of mentality, it will make a way for you to build on your own platform.

Finding Common Ground

Taking responsibility for yourself as a woman involves being accountable for your own actions. You have the power of choice to step away from social constructs that leave you feeling unresolved. It is also important to fully be responsible for your nature. Building your self-respect and self-confidence is one way to form common ground with other women.

The only successful way to do this is to come to terms with your choices and actions. It’s essential to treat yourself with patience and love to fully be able to give to others. We can experience blocks from double standards, social constructs, and stereotypes in society. So, remember that there is no time limit to accepting yourself completely. There is always hope to improve your self-esteem.

The other way that I have learned to form common ground with other women is to be objective in mentality. We owe it to ourselves to form this type of understanding with others. Being unbiased is really empowering to our feminine natures. Realizing that we are all on our own journeys of healing is a good way to remain unbiased. Being objective in mindset will allow us as women to come together to make this world a better place.  We can continue to move forward in objectivity by understanding that labeling is not needed. But, also that it doesn’t hold much value.

Finding Unity

The more we support each other in wanting to resolve issues and find common ground, the more powerful the impact we can have on our future. This is especially important as mothers to future generations. The need for unity should transcend any differences.  It is important to do the work as individual women. So, that we can totally accept harmony for the collective.  It’s my intention to create a platform of open discourse for women to grow and succeed. One without judgment of each other.  Remember as individual women, we can all do this in our own way.

In conclusion, embracing your authentic feminine nature is really about building your own personal power.  As women, we have a choice to really sustain our caring nature. It can involve leaving behind what doesn’t serve you. Standing in your own truth and forming an objective mind state to succeed with a common ground.  Consequently, we will be able to not only shine as individual women. But, to set a healthy example for future generations.


In the search to find answers to some of the bigger questions in life, I began to focus on myself to grow and better serve the collective. I am passionate about individualism and freedom of expression with a focus on spirituality. I was raised Catholic and grew to appreciate religion in a traditional sense. But I began to expand my spirituality to include other universal beliefs. I believe that we all can grow in a community of non-judgment and open understanding.

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