The Key To Creating Boundaries For Energetic Balance

The Key To Creating Boundaries For Energetic Balance
Boundaries for energetic balance is a goal of many who are spiritual. Spirituality is not about being positive all the time-in fact some of the strongest spiritual people are brave enough to confront things in themselves that are very difficult. To grow and evolve we must learn ourselves and our boundaries. Knowledge of self is a tenant in every religion. The more you learn about yourself, the easier it will be to create boundaries with others. People tend to look outside themselves for the answers. But harmony can only be formed from looking within. By examining the principle of harmony, we can see that we create our own reality. When you take the time to look within, it leads to a better balance with your external word. Introspection is helpful for setting boundaries for any relationship, work, or family situation. Therefore, the ability to look within is essential when trying to form boundaries.

Looking Within To Form Your Own Boundaries

When you feel something is off around you, it means that it is off. Trust your inner voice to guide you regarding things that make you feel uncomfortable or displaced. If something in your external circumstances feels like it doesn’t fit you that usually indicates that you need to realign something within yourself. There are times that something outside ourselves affects our mood or feelings. Whether it’s a comment you didn’t like, a projection of someone’s imbalance, or anything that triggers you, it is an opportunity to recognize where you are giving your power and energy to the situation. This becomes a chance to examine yourself to take back your power and create a boundary either energetically or practically.

Creating A Healthy Space for Boundaries

Looking closer at the principle of balance, we can understand that you will always get what you give out. It’s energetic physics. If you create balance within, it will reflect a better harmonious space for others. So, healing yourself from within will not only create a space of energetic balance for you, but also will be fulfilling to others. For example, a healthy space for yourself within will help you establish boundaries with others, stick to your own standards, and create balance. Put effort into knowing yourself, your own preferences, and what makes your feel good. The more you learn about your likes and dislikes, the easier it will become to create this healthy space within.

The Importance of Intentions 

Intentions are the key to creating this type of internal harmonious space. Looking at the principle of alchemy, intentions based only on love and the highest good for all will bring your manifestations into fruition. This is essential to forming healthy boundaries.. If you put effort into examining your own intentions, you will start to find that creating boundaries in a space of self-love are more effective. When setting boundaries you will be more successful, if you are in a space of peace. It will take practice to process out any anger or frustration, before establishing any boundaries with others. But, remember the goal here is to pull back your power in the situation. In order to do this, it will work best when your calm and level-headed.

Applying Practical Boundaries

Saying No Learning to say no to things that displease you is a great way to form a practical boundary. If you start here, by simply removing your energy by saying no to anything that is out of balance, you will start to see results both internally and externally. By saying no to things you don’t like, you will create room to find the things that please you. Often times, we can overextend our own energy by agreeing to things that don’t align with our own happiness. Say no to anything that makes you feel imbalanced, do so without fear, guilt, or shame and you will create practical boundaries that serve you well. Focusing On Self In order to create practical boundaries in any situation, like a love relationship or your job environment, it is important to keep your focus on yourself. You want to avoid any urge to people please so that you will stand firm in your conviction. This has nothing to do with being selfish or making decisions based on ego. Instead, it is a way to center your own energy. By pulling the focus back to yourself, you can retain your power in the situation. When you are creating practical boundaries, you want to remain confident in your own limits and preferences. Effective Communication Above we discussed that it is important to be in a calm place of self in order to create effective boundaries. Equally as important, is the language you use to form these boundaries. You want to make any boundaries set in words of empowerment. So, it is a clear limitation to others. Avoid any words as you should, you could, or you would because energetically these are words of uncertainty. Using words such as I am, I can, and I will are a better choice because they pull the power back to self.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, introspection and knowledge of self will make it easier to create healthy energetic or practical boundaries. Intentions are the key to manifesting effective boundaries. Finding and developing a space of harmony within will help to create practical boundaries with others. With this said, never put up with any type of abuse from others. If you are struggling with an abusive situation, please contact 1-800-799-SAFE for the help that you deserve. Other resources include Abuse Resource Network & Therapy – Abuse Resource Network and Domestic Violence Support | The National Domestic Violence Hotline (


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