Top Health Benefits Of Earthing

Top Health Benefits Of Earthing
Top Health Benefits Of Earthing

Our connection to nature, the planet, and the universe is vital. However, with advances in technology and our fast-paced lifestyles, many of us have become separated from mother Earth.

We all know that the sun gives us warmth, light, and vitamin D and the Earth provides us with fresh air, water, food, and a livable surface. Throughout history, humans walked, sat and slept on the ground, cultivated their land with bare hands, and spent a lot of their time outside. However, today we have become so unaware of our disconnection from nature because of your modern lifestyle.

The shoes that our ancestors wore were made of a leather-sole and now have been replaced with insulated rubber and plastics. We sleep in beds and homes off the ground. Plastics, synthetic fabrics, asphalt, tar, carpets, vinyl have all been introduced and block this natural connection.

To add to this we are also bathed in un-natural man-made electronic radiation from household appliances, mobile phones, wi-fi, microwaves, and cell towers, that cause us to take in free radical damage to our tissues and cells.

The Earth’s energy helps us fight these free radicals so that your body can heal and repair naturally, as it is meant to. You might be wondering how you can connect back with nature? Your answer is Earthing!


What Is Earthing?

Walking outside barefoot is actually more beneficial to your health than you may realize. Years of research has shown that connecting with the Earth’s natural energy, by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt, or rock can reduce chronic pain, fatigue, and other health conditions. This method of connection is called Earthing or Grounding.

When your barefoot or skin comes in contact with the earth electrons flow into the body. These electrons help neutralize damaging free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body. The earth is made up of free electrons and the body is made of mostly water and minerals that interacts perfectly with the electrons from the Earth.

Here are some of the many benefits of Earthing:

1. Improve Sleep

In this era of fast-paced lifestyles becoming very popular, people are leaving very little time to get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep daily. As a result, many people deal with insomnia and sleep disturbances because of their busy life or a health condition. Normally, cortisol levels are low at night to help us sleep better and high in the morning to keep us awake.

When you have unbalanced cortisol levels you may feel awake at night and tired in the day time. Earthing helps regulate sleep patterns and your cortisol level, a hormone that is released through your adrenal glands.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Many people believe inflammation is very harmful, but inflammation actually helps the body’s protective reaction against foreign substances such as allergens, pathogens, and irritants. The immune system releases anti-inflammatory cells to destroy these injurious substances. These cells then burst and release free radicals or toxins.

Free radicals destroy the harmful bacteria or irritants by snatching electrons from them to maintain their neutral charge because they lack electrons. This is a positive relationship as it keeps us from getting sick. However, sometimes the free radicals don’t stop there. In chronic inflammation, too many free radicals accumulate and begin to attack healthy cells too!

Grounding yourself by connecting to the earth helps reduce the inflammation and it’s negative reactions. These positive effects of Earthing on inflammation have been verified with medical infrared imaging.

3. Reduce Stress

We all face mental and physical stress from time to time. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to de-stress. Earthing is likely to help reduce your stress levels significantly. Research has shown that earthing has a positive effect on brain activity-such as the brain, muscles, autonomic nervous system, and blood circulation that reduces tension and stress.

4. Decrease Muscle Soreness/Pain

Muscle soreness or pain is very common with all health conditions and athletes. This form of soreness or pain is actually from inflammation in the body. Most treatments are unable to reduce muscle pain for good.

Research has shown that earthing drastically reduces the pain, soreness, and recovery time of the muscles. In fact,  in the studies, it has been shown that the white blood cell count in grounded subjects with delayed-onset muscle soreness was much lower than in those without grounding.

5. Blood circulation, High Blood Pressure, And Heart Disease

Blood carries oxygen to the body. Your heart is working hard to maintain this activity. The research found that Earthing acts as a blood thinner to improve overall circulation and oxygenation in the body. This is very helpful for those that have high blood pressure or heart disease.

As you age, Earthing can also be used to keep your blood flowing and heart pumping to prevent heart damage and clot formations. Note, if you are currently taking blood thinning medication, it is essential that you consult with your doctor while using Earthing. You may have to lower medication.

6. Provides Antioxidants

Antioxidants fight the battle against free radicals that have been linked to every condition including cancer. That is why eating foods high in antioxidants are so important. Earthing is another way you can gain antioxidants. The earth’s surface is a source of antioxidants.

The Earth’s surface has free electrons that are constantly replenished through the moving wind, water, sunlight, and meteorological events. When you connect your body to the earth’s natural, gentle electrical energy, you flood your body with free electrons which changes free radicals by changing their charge and their effects. Earthing is a potent antioxidant that can naturally support your health and well-being.

How can I experience Earthing now?

One of the most pleasant ways to soak up the earth’s healing energy is to go barefoot outside for at least half-hour.  Research shows immediate positive physiological changes when you start earthing, within 30 minutes. The more time spent regularly grounding, the higher the likelihood of relief from symptoms. Your relief may be partial, immediate, or gradual. Wood, carpet, asphalt, sealed, painted concrete, and vinyl won’t work and will block the flow of electrons.

Earthing Indoors

If it is not possible to get outside every day for 30 minutes, Earthing indoor will be good for you. Earthing indoor products are just as effective as grounding outside. I personally use many of the Earthing products and the most useful is the Earthing pad that I put under my keyboard. I am constantly in the house on the computer, so it helps block the radiation. If you’re interested in the Earthing kits there is always one to suit your needs.

How I Found Earthing

I stumbled upon this documentary called “Heal for Free” which was a completely eye-opening experience. Before watching this I didn’t know anything about Earthing.  Anyone that wants to know more details and see the actual benefits of people that used Earthing kits-this movie is for you. They show many people’s lives and how it dramatically helped them and their health conditions.

Now I use my Earthing products for everything such as meditating, menstrual cramps, headaches, energy balancing, protection of radiations from electronics and more!

Click here to check out the documentary Heal for free!



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