Three Grounding Exercises to Practice When Feeling Overwhelmed

Three Grounding Exercises to Practice When Feeling Overwhelmed


We’ve all been in that place of feeling overwhelmed. The mind starts spinning about all you have to get done, drops in comparison mode, or simply cannot handle all the intense stimulation. Next time you start to spiral – or better yet, can sense you’re on the verge – try these easy, but super effective grounding exercises.

Bubble of Light

This first grounding exercise is great to do if you are around people who can be energy draining.  Instead of pushing others away, it will protect your personal peace. 

Firstly, close your eyes and take a deep breath and count to three.  Then think of a color – whatever the first one that comes to your mind is right. With each grounding breath, imagine a spec of light with that color drawing down into the belly. Every exhale brings out any tension or doubt. Consequently, expanding the light building within you. 

Continue this grounding visualization and imagine the light pouring out of you now, creating a bubble. In general, as you breathe this bubble grows stronger. 

Know that you have the power to share your light with whomever you choose. For instance, you can come back to this anytime you need.  Just close your eyes, bring your color to mind, and take another grounding deep breath. Remember that you are safe and supported in this space. Practice this grounding exercise whenever you need to feel safe in your personal space. 


We can find respite from being overwhelmed by connecting with the Earth in this grounding exercise. For the most part, it is helpful if you are in a big crowd or noisy environment. 

Make your way outside to a comfortable seat and close your eyes. If you’re not able to get outside, hold a stone or crystal in your hands and visualize. T To fully embrace this grounding technique, take several deep breaths in of fresh air. 

Amongst any loud crowds and music, try to bring your attention to any nature sounds like birds chirping or leaves rustling. Connect with the ground beneath your feet, notice where the breeze hits your skin. Feel the warmth of the sun. Continue to breathe deeply and focus on these elements of nature for as long as you need. This grounding exercise is one way to connect to the Earth in an environment that can be overwhelming. 

Grounding Affirmations

I use these grounding affirmations in so many ways throughout the day. They are especially helpful in my yoga and meditation practice. Like I tell my yoga students, affirmations are powerful because they change the soundtrack in our head. Affirmations are so healing when we find ourselves stuck in a negative spiral of thoughts or overwhelmed mentally.

You can do this grounding exercise sitting or laying down. Like our first two exercises, we start by taking deep breaths. Inhale to a count of three, exhale to a count of four. Bring your left hand to your heart and right hand on your belly. Repeat an affirmation that comes to mind or any of the following affirmations that resonate with you for a further grounding calm. 

For Example:

It’s okay.
I am supported.
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am strong.
I am capable.
I am worthy.
I am resilient.

Keep repeating your grounding affirmations and breathing until you feel your body starts to calm. There are so many times that I’ve felt buried, on the verge of a panic attack, and this simple exercise of repeating “it’s okay” brings me calm.  

Alexa Mosier

Alexa is the creator of the wellness blog Mats and Mutts, where she offers encouragement to heal & grow by choosing gratitude, self-love and compassion. She enjoys spending time outside with her husband, James, and their three fur-kids, as well as practicing and teaching yoga. Alexa is an advocate for mental health and is learning to navigate life with newly diagnosed chronic illnesses. For more mindfulness, sustainability, and wellness broken down into manageable and relatable nuggets to apply to your daily life.

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