Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Tea Tree Oil For Acne


Acne is caused by oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria. As well as, hormones, medications, stress, and your diet can play a factor in the severity of the acne. I always recommend treating the skin naturally instead of over the counter harmful chemicals.

One recommendation is to use tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil is a healthy natural acne treatment. Tea Tree Essential Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic abilities for hundreds of years.

Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Places of Origin: Australia
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Plant Part: Leaf
Aroma: Menthol, Herbal
Consistency: Thin

Why Tea Tree Oil? 

What makes tea tree oil a great choice to treat acne and acne scars? Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties, especially terpenes. Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in essential oils that destroy bacteria but soothe at the same time.

Findings from many studies show that tea tree oil is just as effective as dermatologist treatments. This oil is also a non-carcinogenic that cannot be said for many chemical-based acne treatments. Disinfecting the skin and unclogging the pores is a tea tree benefit.

It will also destroy the acne-causing bacteria living inside the hair follicles, further reducing the likelihood of acne outbreaks. This disinfectant process will dry out whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, allowing your skin to heal.

How Much Tea Oil Is Needed?

Most products that contain tea tree oils are less than 0.5%, which is lower than the recommended dose to cure acne. The “pure” Tea tree oils that are found in stores are usually 3% concentration diluted in a carrier oil. If you find an oil that 100% it can be too strong for the skin.

You should perform a patch test and find the best dilution for you.

Here’s how to perform a patch test:

  • Topically apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the inside of the elbow.
  • Allow at least 24 hours before washing off.
  • The oil is probably safe for application elsewhere if you don’t register any sort of discomfort or irritation within this time.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

1. Wash your face to cleanse your skin.
2. Dispense a few drops of tea tree oil onto a damp cotton swab and dot it directly on blemishes.
3. Alternatively, you can mix 5–6 drops of tea tree oil into a carrier oil (Jojoba, Argan Oil, or Coconut Oil).

Please Note 

Apply tea tree to the skin and it should not be ingested. If ingested it can cause health issues such as dizziness and confusion. Testing it on your skin to make sure there is no allergic reaction is a must.

Kara Stavish

Kara is a teacher, coach, online course instructor and the founder of Concepts Of Life & Wellness. She received a bachelors degree in psychology from Penn State University and not long after was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Autoimmune Disease in 2015. As she struggled to feel better, she began an intense search to find healing. After immersing herself into the learning process, she removed her medication and healed her body. From this experience, she now dedicates her life to helping others learn how to feel better and live a healthier life. Her enthusiasm for healing has helped so many people and continues to do so.

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