Eight Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19

Eight Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19


With social distancing and isolation, many of us are feeling disconnected to the world, as well as experiencing loneliness and increased vulnerability. This is leading to an increase in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

These feelings will only become prominent the more time that passes unless we take action to stay connected! There are so many ways we can increase connectivity with friends, family, and community. Here I’ve listed some of the ways you can start to combat those feelings you are having right now.

1.   Phone And Video Chats

This may seem obvious but it is so important to keep regular chats with our loved ones right now. Schedule time regularly with family or friends for a group video chat. There is so much you can do here, from simply chatting to playing online games together! Remember that everyone is feeling disconnected in one way or another, so by consistently talking and connecting, we can begin to feel the burden of loneliness begin to lift.

2.   Share And Connect On Social Media

This is a perfect opportunity to connect on social media to spread positivity and awareness of how you are feeling. You will notice so many people are feeling the same way you are! If you are too shy to share, simply check out the social media accounts that are spreading ways to make you feel at ease and connected and share those postings!

3.   Deliver Care Packages

Giving to others can be a way to feel connected by knowing you are doing some good and helping others to get through this time too. This can be as simple as sending your neighbor a few of your homemade cupcakes or sending a letter to your grandma or parent with some old family pictures inside! I promise you these acts of kindness will make you feel more connected to your loved ones.

4.   Get creative

Whether you make a new scrapbook, create artwork, or simply cook a new recipe, there are so many ways to tap into that creative space. This can make us feel more connected to ourselves, and even more so if we take use of our creativity to share with others. Whether it’s sharing via social media, or sending to a friend, it is bound to make you feel more connected and grounded to yourself and those you love.

5.   Play a game

There are so many ways to play games over the internet these days! Look into your favorite games and ask friends to join you from wherever they are. Whether it is playing play station games, Xbox, computer games, or even games on your phone, you are bound to find a game you and friends will all enjoy together. This is such an awesome way to both stay connected, and have fun while doing so!

6.   Podcasts

During this time I am sure your favorite podcast hosts will be discussing social distancing and isolation. Make a nice cup of tea or your favorite meal, get comfortable on the couch and have a listen. It might even be an option to do this with multiple friends or family members via video chat so you can listen and discuss it together!

7.   Be in nature

If you are lucky enough to take a short walk around your neighborhood, or simply spending some time with the windows open to let in the fresh air, this is an amazing stress reliever as well as a way to feel connected to yourself and nature. If you live with other family members encourage each other to step out into the air if at all possible. This will help to keep your mind and body at ease!

8.   Create a schedule

Set aside time daily to stay connected! Incorporating one or more of these options on a regular basis is going to be what is vital to combat your feelings of loneliness and isolation. Whether it be daily or weekly, remember that by helping yourself you are also helping others around you stay connected with each other as well!

Gabrielle Szeliga

Gabrielle is a holistic nutrition student and loves to teach about stress, anxiety gut health, self-care, food as medicine, and more!

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