CBD Oil For Menstrual Cramps

CBD Oil For Menstrual Cramps


You hear all this talk about CBD oil, but have you heard it helps with painful periods?

It’s that time of the month that most women dread, shark week. This is when you make excuses to stay at home, call in sick, stay in bed all day with a heating pad, watch romance movies so you can cry.

This is most women’s monthly routine. Not only do we change our whole life around for that week, but also we do this while managing the pain of having a period. If you are sick of having painful periods, you’re not alone. Up to 90% of reproductive- age women suffer from painful menstrual cramping.

CBD Oil Can Help 

More women are educating other women about CBD oil products for treating painful periods. Many women rely heavily on NSAIDs, like Ibuprofen, when experiencing cramping.

Natural treatments are becoming more popular and CBD oil is at the very top for treating this monthly pain. You might be asking yourself how can CBD compare to a medication like Ibuprofen? First, we have to take a look at why you experience this pain, to begin with.

The Uterus Gets Ready

First, your body is told to increase its estrogen level and in return causes your uterus to build endometrial tissue. After you ovulated, you get an increase in progesterone to help provide the tissue with arteries and blood. At this time your body is expecting an embryo.

So Long Progesterone

When your body realizes you won’t be expecting a baby anytime soon, your levels of progesterone decrease. In return, your uterus knows you do not need all that endometrial tissue. This causes the tissue and arteries to shrink, decreasing the blood supply the tissue needs. Your tissue begins to suffocate and die. This is when you will start experiencing the cramping sensations.

Inflammation In The Uterus

When your body was decreasing progesterone, prostaglandins increased. Prostaglandin is a chemical that can cause inflammation and usually occurs during menstruation. This can cause a number of symptoms such as:

  • Inflammation: Can cause more pain.
  • Pain sensitization: Causes your nerves to be more sensitive.
  • Vasoconstriction: Blood vessels to constrict and suffocate endometrial tissue.
  • Uterine contractions: Contraction cuts off blood supply to the endometrium. Women with higher prostaglandin levels also have stronger, more painful contractions.
  • Heavy bleeding: Unusually heavy periods could result from excessive inflammation that increases tissue damage.
  • Diarrhea: Muscle contractions in the digestive tract can cause diarrhea.

Do NSAIDs Help?

Most women take NSAIDs, like Ibuprofen, to help with their painful periods. Why is this medication so popular for women during this time?

NSAIDs inhibit the enzymes that cause the production of prostaglandin. This leads to decreasing inflammation, pain, contractions, and other symptoms we discussed.

Even though there is research that proves NSAIDs helps to decrease this pain, there are side effects. NSAIDs can cause a decrease in other digestive enzymes causes gastrointestinal side effects.

Is CBD Oil A Healthier Option

Just like NSAIDs, CBD oil also inhibits prostaglandin. CBD inhibits COX-2 over COX-1, which means its anti-inflammatory benefits come without the gastrointestinal side effects.

Not only does CBD inhibit the COX-2 enzyme, but CBD physically stops your DNA from producing so much of this enzyme.

CBD Oil Benefits

When prostaglandin levels decrease it can reduce inflammation and pain in the body.

CBD oil treats painful menstrual cramps in the following ways:


THC activates endocannabinoid receptors (CB2) located on your immune system’s killer cells. When these receptors are activated, they prevent killer cells from releasing inflammatory proteins.


CBD can desensitize the nerves which help decrease the sensation of pain.


CBD spot different receptors embedded in the muscle tissue to relax contractions.


When cannabinoids trigger the muscle to relax, blood flow increases. Increased blood flow helps provide relief to tissues, decreasing painful cramps.

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Kara Stavish

Kara is a teacher, coach, online course instructor and the founder of Concepts Of Life & Wellness. She received a bachelors degree in psychology from Penn State University and not long after was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Autoimmune Disease in 2015. As she struggled to feel better, she began an intense search to find healing. After immersing herself into the learning process, she removed her medication and healed her body. From this experience, she now dedicates her life to helping others learn how to feel better and live a healthier life. Her enthusiasm for healing has helped so many people and continues to do so.

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  1. Ashley

    So In Order to prepare for a really terrible cycle (I feel I have ptsd because my cycles are so painful every month ), would I start taking this like a week befor I expect? What has been the best regimen for this to be successful . I have tried CBD before but only in a moment of distress. I probably didn’t probably prepare. Any tips would be great!

    1. Kara Stavish

      I would start taking it a week prior if you start to feel symptoms that early. I would take it regularly to get the most benefit. Consistency is the key.

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